Fart_005 cover.jpg

F,art for Furlined

Furlined, a leading film and television production company in Los Angeles, CA. What was once just a 4x6 foot closet off the library upstairs is now the small art space they call "F, art."

"I thought the best thing to pique curiosity and bring people to the space would be a show made by all of us," says director / curator Yael Staav. "So, armed with an email list of clients, production teams, Furlined staff and many many friends, I set out to curate the first group show.  I sent an email asking people to complete the sentence 'I can't believe I...' knowing that by serving up an ambiguous question, the returned emails would contrast each other, revealing both humor and sadness and I'd have myself a 'piece' that served up a slice of our collective consciousness in a unique way." Yael concludes, "The results have been quite impressive - and now the show is installed, and the writing is on the wall."

Yael Staav, Curator & Co-Designer

Adam Bice, Co-Designer & Installation