NY, week 1

My first week here in NYC has been incredible.  So much culture, art & food to take in. So much to learn like neighborhoods, streets & public transit systems! 

Attended a really cool book launch event for "The Athena Doctrine" at Y&R where author John Gerzema gave a really interesting talk about feminine values in business in the 21st century.  All you cave cave man types are going to have to soften up a little if you want to survive.  

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I also almost landed a VH1 show brand package.  A friend of mind is directing the show and called in a favor because the existing title was pretty hammered.  My design explore was well received by VH1 but the internal creative staff couldn't let an unknown outsider rebrand their show over breakfast. So they took my direction and made it their own.  At least I was able to meet meet the producer Shane.  Great guy, hope to work with him in the future.