Apparel & Trim Development

Ronan \r(o)-nan\ defines the progression of fashion. It draws from the strength of the individual who doesn’t need to be taught and doesn’t want to be led; someone who is confident in who they are and is identified by nothing else. The pieces in Ronan allow you to create a style of your own making. 

Created by a collective that understand the fundamentals of design and classic craftsmanship, Ronan applies innovation to time-honored techniques to elicit the inherent functionality of clothing. Comfort, lasting wear-ability, versatility, fit, fabrication and quality of construction delivered in an aesthetic that pairs sophistication with simplicity. Its uncomplicated design sensibility allows you to uphold your own individuality by making it what you want it to be.  

 Adam was responsible for all trim design & development, pocket art work, and general brand direction.  All photography and look book layout by Adam as well.